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December 31, 20160

Interested in starting your own business but concerned about dipping market?

With the real estate, gold, and the stock market tumbling down at a higher rate of 30% approx. The chances are that the rates might drop further down. Those Businessmen who are in search of developing their startup it’s a good possibility.

Yes, investing in the business or buying a franchise it will be a profitable venture. As investment rates are low, it will create many opportunities for the investors.

In this period whether to get a hold of a ready-made Business model or invest in new avenues might bloom. It seems like the market is favorable for those who were looking to exhibit their Business.

Do you feel that if only you knew how to invest in your dream Business and eliminate the market risk?

Let us guide you with the tips, and tricks to set up Business.

  • Explore the 11 steps to establish Business:
    • Develop an idea & do a self-inventory.
    • Test all the plausibility and write a plan.
    • Identify your market segment.
    • Determine the standard cost and legal structure.
    • Establish your budget and try to find investors.
    • Select the unique name for the business and register it.
    • Use local or free resources available.
    • Secure permits and license.
    • Find the right employees.
    • Never fear your competition
    • Always be patient.

Keep in mind the key is to trigger the subconscious association for influencing the prospect and encourage them to invest your business. Remember that, we can do anything we want, the trick is, and it is usually waiting for us beyond our comfort zone. You need to catch up with the opportunities before they go away. It is time to take the next big step, so are you ready to own a Business? We know starting a company can be challenging. If you cannot decide between starting an individual business, or franchise?

Let Brands ‘n’ Spaces help to begin your own Business.


December 27, 20160

Are you thinking about cashing out your business by selling it?

In the current scenario, you cannot get the perfect price for your Business. However, selling seems to be an appealing measure to earn the profit, but there are certain things, which need your consideration before selling your business. For successful selling, your business requires the valuation experts. You need to hire specialist such as Accountant, Attorney lawyer, and Broker to help you sell the business. Let the team of experts handle the strategies.

  • Benefits of hiring experts to sell your Business:-  
    1. Experts can save your Money & Time
    2. Choose Qualified Attorney- Make the attorney your representative.
    3. Go through Agreements.
    4. Business Brokers can increase sales prospect
    5. Retain appraiser

Applying the strategies depend on the type of business and surrounding situation. Testing advice from the real business investors will be fruitful. You need to focus on the structure and rewards in the deal. Plan your business in such a way that the prospect finds it more attractive. Create the urgency for buyers and make your business irresistible.

The lawyer will serve as your tax adviser and will guide you in sorting out the debts or any legal matter. If you are a Small Business owner and do not have audits, then it’s recommendable to prepare a financial statement, and tax returns. Booker will highlight the benefit of the business to attract the potential buyers. Sign a confidentiality agreement with the buyer before giving more information the business. Signing agreement will help you to achieve privacy of your venture. The professionals who will help you get dozens of great deals. It is time to reinvent the wheel rather than incorporating unknown aspects. The firm may need sorting out the number of things before selling. Once all things get in order, then it will result well.

To achieve the best price triumphs your cards well and let the experts make a smooth flow for you. Brands ‘n’ spaces, has more experience in helping the owners successfully selling their Businesses.